Our team is dedicated to providing the best products and services to our customers. We prioritize innovation and development to deliver high-quality products and meet the growing demands of the market.

Our main goal is to find a balance between excellent products and prices that are accessible to our customers. To achieve this goal, we conduct tests and analyses, and our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.

The Testing Zone allows us to design tools with even greater attention to detail to meet our customers' expectations regarding product quality. By utilizing technologies and components from leading global manufacturers, we introduce products to the market for professionals who value modernity, efficiency, and durability. Our innovativeness enables us to provide services at an even higher level.

Technical Department

The Technical Department at Stalco is our testing and control zone, where we meticulously assess the quality and durability of our products. Our team of specialists and engineers utilizes modern tools to ensure that our products are durable and reliable. It is here that our best products are born, ready to meet the most challenging demands.

In the Technical Department, we not only conduct tests and research on products but also offer technical training. Our mission is not only to provide excellent products but also to educate customers about their use, functions, and applications. Through our training sessions, customers can learn about our products from the ground up, gain knowledge about their practical applications, and optimize their utilization. Our team of experts is eager to share their knowledge and experience to provide our customers with full support and confidence in fully utilizing the potential of our products.


The showroom is the heart of our company, where we proudly showcase the diversity of our products to customers and business partners.

The exhibition space not only allows customers to see our products in person but also serves as a place for dialogue and consultation with our experienced advisory team.

Our experts provide professional advice and assist customers in selecting the best solutions tailored to their individual needs.