Among the fundamental values that constitute the organization are:

Respect is:

Conducting cultural conversations with respect for differences in positions,

Ability to listen and lead discussions at every level of the organization,

Not ignoring, efficiently responding to messages, emails, requests, and inquiries,

Appreciating the work done by colleagues,

Respecting the principle of equal treatment and non-discrimination.

Courage is:

Ability to conduct open communication especially in crisis situations,

Open and immediate communication to superiors about occurring errors,

Actively seeking solutions to difficult issues, proactive attitude,

Taking control and responsibility for specific tasks within one's competence,

Creating an open communication space that fosters courage among employees.

Team is

A predisposition to cheer, support, and assist colleagues,

Manifesting friendly behavior in the professional environment,

Showing respect, leading open dialogue,

Commitment to not gossiping or backbiting coworkers,

Getting rid of personal grudges and ambiguities in professional relationships that may affect the organization's atmosphere.

Partnership is:

Equality and respect for all colleagues and collaborating entities,

Engagement and care for common good and the good name of the organization and its employees,

Conducting open communication and continuously improving dialogue skills,

Setting common goals and jointly striving to achieve them,

Eliminating prejudices and discriminatory behaviors.